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Unlike the Torah narrative that begins “In the Beginning,” a blog begins at the end. This "Torah Tweets" blog displays its narrative in reverse chronological order with the most recent post appearing first. The blog was created to reverse the order of the blog posts in this blog to begin in the beginning.

See the blogs for the books Through a Bible Lens: Biblical Insights for Smartphone Photography and Social Media and Photograph God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life Both books invite you to explore creative ways to photograph all that happens in your everyday life while crafting a vibrant dialogue between your life story and the biblical narrative.

Postdigital Narrative on Spiritual Dimensons of Everyday Life ///// "For the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp." (Deuteronomy 23:15) ///// "Judaism does not direct its gaze upward but downward ... does not aspire to a heavenly transcendence, nor does it seek to soar upon the wings of some abstract, mysterious spirituality. It fixes its gaze upon concrete, empirical reality permeating every nook and cranny of life. The marketplace, the factory, the street, the house, the mall, the banquet hall, all constitute the backdrop of religious life." (R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik) ///// "It is not enough for the Jew to rest content with his own spiritual ascent, the elevation of his soul in closeness to G-d, he must strive to draw spirituality down into the world and into every part of it - the world of his work and his social life - until not only do they not distract him from his pursuit of G-d, but they become a full part of it." (R. Menachem M. Schneerson) ///// "If there is a religious agency in our lives, it has to appear in the manner of our times. Not from on high, but a revelation that hides itself in our culture, it will be ground-level, on the street, it'll be coming down the avenue in the traffic, hard to tell apart from anything else." (E. L. Doctorow) ///// "The first message that Moses chose to teach the Jewish people as they were about to enter the Land of Israel was to fuse heaven to earth, to enable the mundane to rise up and touch the Divine, the spiritual to vitalize the physical, not only as individuals but as an entire nation." (R. Abraham Y. Kook)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Create a Spiritual Blog of Your Life

We have completed documenting our 52nd year of marriage by blogging our life together to reveal spirituality in all we did.
Now, we invite other couples who find the Bible an inspiration to celebrate their relationship by creating their own Spiritual Blog.
Spiritual blogging can also be a meaningful way for individuals and families to reveal spirituality in their lives.
Every week, study a biblical portion and select a passage that speaks to you. 
The Torah, the biblical books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), are divided up into weekly portions.
You can see how these five books are divided up in this Torah Tweets blog and at        
Create a blog posting that includes photographs of your life that week, present or past, which relates to the passage you selected.  
Add a text that links your images and the biblical passage to spiritual dimensions of your everyday life.
It can be a creative challenge to write your text as tweets limited to 140 characters.  That way, you can post your blog text on Twitter.
Our photographs here zoom in on the images from our first posting on this Torah Tweets blog.
They document our discovery of the creation of the world not more than a few steps from our home.
A cactus on our porch, plants and cat in front of our house, goldfish in the pet shop next door, our dog Snowball, and cloves in a citron.

For the theoretical background for spiritual blogging your life, read Mel Alexenberg's book The Future of Art in a Postdigital Age: From Hellenistic to Hebraic Consciousness (Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press).

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